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Real Estate Photography

Modern Luxury Home
MLS Real Estate  Pricing

Pricing for basic real estate shoots, drone work and virtual tours.

MLS - Funky Bedford House

MLS Shoot - January 2019

MLS - Cannon House

MLS shoot - Jan 2019


Architect designed sustainable house - Halifax

Hadley House

New Build.

Conference Room
Real Estate FAQ

If you have any questions about the services I offer for Real Estate they are probably answered here.  Any that are not answered please contact me.

Gallery - Gannet House

Whaleback in Duncans Cove.  Contemporary house that was once a WWII observation tower.

Bradford House

Bradford house by Amara Developments Inc.


Apartment at Dockside - Bedford Waterfront

Luxury - Lakehouse Cottage

Luxury Shoot - September 2019.  I spent a couple of days at this lakeside cottage on Trout Lake, Nova Scotia which allows us to give the property a couple of looks when photographing at different times of the day.

Gallery - Avondale House

Architect designed sustainable house overlooking the Shubanacadie.

Starboard House

New Build - 

West Brooklyn

Sustainable House - West Brooklyn

As a commercial photographer I photograph 200 - 300 properties (projects) a year, from trailers to hotels.  My clients are architects, developers, business owners, interior designers, hospitality establishments, real estate agents and individuals. 

The majority of these projects are basic MLS real estate projects.   These projects typically involve a single visit to a property during which a number of different services may be used to highlight the properties structure, flow and feel.  Technology used to achieve this depends on the the purpose for the shoot and may include one or more of the following services offered by Elemental Photography - photographs, Matterport 3D virtual tours and video walk throughs, and drone video and stills. 


 I do two types of real estate shoots for the residential market, a basic shoot and a luxury shoot.

The Basic Shoot is purely for MLS - short term marketing of a property for a specified purpose and a specified client usually the agent on behalf of their client, the pricing for this can be found (here).   Luxury photography shoots take into account different conditions and may be shot over the course of a day or a couple of time periods.  This style is used when a higher photographic standard is required for longer term marketing or advertising of properties typically used by businesses like hotels, commercial property developers, B&B or companies using photos for portfolios, media  etc.  For these types of photography shoots please request a quote or contact me to discuss your requirements - contact details can be accessed here.

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