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RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE DRONE PRICE LIST (2024) for aerial stills and videos   

Our drones are registered and our pilots have Transport Canada Certification.  We adhere to federal and local regulations and safety standards while flying drones. Pricing for areas in which drones require special authorization may differ from those below.  

The price below is for residential property sales only.  Please give Jarrell a call at 1-902430.5478 or send a message to discuss other projects.


aerial images & video combined with another MLS Package
  • Aerial Photographs – $75 + Tax (5 Still Images).

  • Video - $220 + Tax (60-120 seconds of edited video which can be branded (client supplied branding). 

  • Both Video and aerial photographs $249 + Tax.

  • Aerial photographs are taken at the same time as the other services provided.

  • Drone Video will be shot at the best time for the property. (The first 50km are free for a first visit for video, we use Bayers Lake as the origin point, after that 0.75 cents per kilometre is charged).

aerial images & video 
(just drone)(standalone)

  • Still Images: 15 Still images $175.

  • Edited Video: up to 180 seconds  $279  (Client to supply branding)

  • Both video and Still Photographs: $299  

  • Travel - first 50km are free for a first visit (we use Bayers Lake as the point of calculation after that I charge 0.75 cents per kilometer.       

what you get & conditions

  • A Drone shoot involves a single visit to the property at a prearranged time take images and video.

  • Aerial image size up to 5472×3648 pixels. 

  • Photographs are adjusted to correct lens distortion .

  • The ability to fly drone is weather dependent.  Weather will be taken into account when setting times.

  • Travel: first 50km are free for a first visit (we use Bayers Lake as the origin point after that 0.75 cents per kilometer is charged).   

  • One set of image files optimized for MLS are provided to the client - (client can request 300dpi images for print media if required).

  • Photographs are delivered to clients within 48 hours from the end of the shoot via WeTransfer.  

  • Video output is typically supplied at Full HD (1920x1080) in whatever format the client prefers.  MP4 is the default format. 

  • Video pricing refers only to the footage taken and edited by Elemental Photography, the creation of client branding and/or alteration of client branding is not included in these prices. 

  • Branding provided by clients will be added to the videos or new templates can be quoted on and made for clients by our graphic designer. 

  • Music provided with videos is royalty and copyright free, if clients wish for a specific piece of music to be included we will provide a quote for the purchase of this music; alternatively the client may provide the music along with proof of purchase and we will add it to the video.   

  • Videos may take up to three working days to deliver.

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