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Basic price list for properties that are to be listed on MLS.  Properties are photographed by an experienced professional real estate photographer using high-end cameras and lighting equipment.  We provide a punctual professional service with consistent quality outputs.   Pricing for an MLS shoot is primarily based on the property's TLA (Total living area), special features such as boat houses and annexes will also be included if important to the property.  All prices exclude tax.

  • Less than 2500 sq/ft - $185 + Tax

  • 2500 - 3500 sq/ft - $199  + Tax

  • 3500 - 4500 sq/ft - $225  + Tax

  • <4500 sq/ft call for a quote (1-902-430-5478)

what you get & conditions

  • Typically 20 - 35 high quality images are provided.  The number of images depends on the property size and features. 

  • A MLS shoot involves a single visit to the property at a prearranged time between the hours of 9am and 4pm on weekdays to take images.

  • For property shoots on the weekend and public holidays add $50 + Tax to the base package.

  • Photographs are colour-corrected and straightened on a single axis.

  • Travel: the first 50km are free for a first visit (we use Bayers Lake as the origin point, after that 0.75 cents per kilometer is charged).   

  • Digital files optimized for MLS are provided to clients via dropbox or Wetransfer, clients can request files at 300dpi for print media if they require them.

  • Photographs are delivered to clients within 48 hours from the end of the shoot.  

  • It is important that the property is photo-ready - see FAQ

  • Copyright remains with the photographer.

available add-ons for MLS photoshoot

PRICING (aerial images & aerial video prices when combined with matterport or MLS Photoshoot)

​Aerial Photographs – $75 + Tax (5 Still Images).

  • Aerial Video - $220 + Tax (60-120 seconds of edited video which can be branded (client supplied branding). 

  • Both Video and aerial photographs $249 + Tax.

  • Aerial photographs are taken at the same time as the other services provided or it will be charged as a separate visit and 15 photographs will be delivered.

  • Drone Video will be shot at the best time for the property. (The first 50km are free for a first visit for video, we use Bayers Lake as the origin point, after that 0.75 cents per kilometre is charged).

Matterport 3D Tour (photoshoot Add-on)

When the focus is on high quality photography and the HDR Matterport pictures may not be of sufficient quality to compete with a photo-shoot that uses professional lighting. Pricing is based on the total area under the roof.

  • less than 2500 sq/ft - $239 + Tax

  • 2500 - 3500 sq/ft - $259 + Tax

  • 3500 - 4500 sq/ft - $299 + Tax

  • <4500 sq/ft quote (1-902-430-5478)

  • You receive the 3D walk-through, Dollhouse View and slideshow as well as 3 months hosting of the 3D model (additional hosting is available @:

    • $30 per month; after the initial three-month period or;

    • $75 for three months ($25 per month ) or

    • $240 per annum ($20 per month)

  • The 3D Model is shot during the same time period as the photo-shoot and the same conditions apply.

  • It is vital that the house is ready, you cannot move items when doing the 3D tour.

  • As an additional service 2D floorplans can be requested.  A Floorplan costs $50 + Tax and may take up to 48 hours to be delivered.

 External twilight shoots

Twilight is the time between the light and the dark.  High impact external photographs which give your property a soul by allowing the viewer to see into the house from the outside.  This does not suit all houses but tends to showcase those with big windows, good landscape lighting systems, pools and other entertainment areas.  

  • The time differs throughout the year, timing will be discussed with client. 

  • $150+ Tax when included with another MLS package.  Typically 2 - 5 photographs delivered

  • Standalone pricing $225 + Tax.  Typically 5-8 photographs delivered.

  • Travel: first 50km are free for a first visit (we use Bayers Lake as the origin point after that I charge 0.75 cents per kilometer).​

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