I have made a living as a commercial photographer since 2011, no mean feat when changing professions and continents.  As a commercial photographer I focus on delivering high quality images at an affordable rate.  I bring a lot of experience, a modicum of talent, good work ethic and a fair bit of enthusiasm to every opportunity – big or small, backed by the timely, consistent delivery of high-quality images that support client objectives.


In my past life I was a geo-informatics specialist and project manager. 

My past work has taught me three fundamental lessons that I use as a photographer:

  • To strive for simplicity when crafting images; simplicity of form and message clarity are critical elements in conveying understanding and transmission of a multifaceted subject.

  • Secondly - quality is king, maybe not for everyone but for me quality is a critical component when delivering images, if quality is not important to a client then I am the wrong photographer for you, I can refer you to plenty of people who own a camera and take OK images.

  • Thirdly; I know that imaging is one of a variety of factors that my clients are dealing with, I want you to know that I have got your back, if something has been promised it will be delivered within the agreed upon time frames, these concepts form the basis of my company name – Elemental Photography.

I hold an AMBA accredited MBA from DeMontfort University (Leister, UK); MA (Geography and Geographic Information Systems), BA.Hons and BA from Rhodes University as well as a PMI recognized Project Management Diploma from Damelin.  Perhaps more importantly from a photography perspective I am a Transport Canada Certified Drone Pilot.

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Commercial photographer specializing in Architecture, Hospitality, Real Estate, Business Portraiture and Product photography.



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