Elemental Photography is a Halifax based commercial photography studio run by Jarrell Whisken.  


Commercial photographs are typically used to help sell, advertise or market a product, service, person or persons (a definition which covers a pretty wide range of possibilities).   I have, and will, photograph almost anything but the bulk of my work is architectural, real estate, product, and portraiture photography, either on location or at the studio (located at 180 Windsor Drive, Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia). 


ABOUT JARRELL WHISKEN –  back in the day I used to be a data scientist and project manager on some very large innovative projects.  I like data to have meaning and tell stories which is why I chose to concentrate on commercial photography.  I love crafting photographs to tell stories, to explore relationships in form and function, in photography there is always something new and exciting to keep you engaged.

A photograph has the power to do infinitely more than document. It can transport us to unseen worlds, invoke emotions and engage our imaginations.  In commercial photography it is the photographer’s job to convey that story in images – I like bringing an aspect of realism to my photographs, perfection – as in “unblemished” is often without character and I like my subjects to be real, in portraiture I want people that  know you to say “that is so you” and not “what great photo-shopping” (although I can do that too).

About me – I have been a professional photographer since 2010.   My personal preference is for dark moody images but like the weather in Nova Scotia this changes.  Cafe mochas are my kryptonite,  I have a cute but pigment deprived dog, I like engaging people in meaningful conversations, I lose energy to traffic jams and crowds of people.  In summer you can often find me deep sea kayaking or grabbing a croissant at Two If by Sea.  I have lived in South Africa, British Columbia, the Yukon and Nova Scotia.



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