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Jarrell is the principal photographer at Elemental Photography and has been since 2011. That is me, the guy with his feet on the couch drinking coffee, the mug says "Wake up and be awesome", I try, but it is a work in progress.  The selfie was taken in January 2023.


As a commercial photographer, I primarily capture imagery with a business or institutional application, whether it exploring the benefits of policy at an institutional level or capturing images of buildings for architects, builders, realtors, business owners, marketing specialists etc. The list of applications and users is long; from simply marketing (a location, process, product) to creating portfolio images for architects and builders or providing branding for businesses/individuals.  I like imagery to have value not just from an aesthetic perspective but from a business and personal perspective, as such I work with clients to help craft images that fulfill a need, this may mean that my photographs may not always follow the same formula to produce a strikingly recognizable look, but a client’s needs are not always the same and neither are my photographs.


​I  do have a style and preferences, everyone has, for me it is a feeling of warmth and individuality, spaces that make you feel comfortable like big old farm kitchens with the smell of bread wafting through the air and comfortable crafted wooden furniture, these sights and smells are woven into my background (they make me feel warm and fuzzy). Good visual media offerings are authentic, they invoke feelings, they can make you think, they can make you feel, and as a result, they are effective in making connections with the target audience, that is our goal.

​ Jarrell is a Canadian-born, South African-raised professional photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He primarily photographs the built environment, from building and urban morphology to project documentation and the selling of assets. Before moving to Nova Scotia he worked as a pixel peeping satellite analyzing geo-spatial data scientist, project manager and consultant, specializing in the built environment at a national institution in the Southern Hemisphere.  

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