Sustainability Practices

Elemental Photography contributes to a more sustainable local economy through socially responsible practices. We have reduced and continue to reduce our carbon and energy footprint through informed sourcing; in-house waste reduction, and good energy conservation practices.  We actively encourage a sustainable economy through our sourcing choices and we educate both ourselves and others on the impact and use of paper-based products and the imaging options available to clients.

In terms of sustainable practices our primary focus areas are business related, sustainability makes good business sense for both our business and local communities.  We do this by means of:


1. Local Procurement


When possible we source our products from local businesses, these are our neighbors and enterprises doing business in Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Provinces, they help contribute to a vibrant local economy and fund services.  Our patronage is not blind, as a business we provide the highest service levels to our customers and expect the same from other entrepreneurs,  the local economy is not sustainable if we are unable to compete in the wider environment.   We speak to our providers and advise them of our needs in order to build better, more personalized and stronger connections.


2. In-house practices


  • We run a digital office, that is to say we are paperless.  All communications are electronic as are invoices and receipts.  We use WeTransfer and Dropbox for digital transfers.  The single exception is the printing of photographs which is a major part of our business, where possible we use suppliers that reflect green practices with regards to their use of inks and ink cartridge practices. 

  • The company recycles and makes use of recycled products for photographic sets.

  • We save on energy bills through timed thermostats, energy efficient appliances and appliance management.

  • We reduce plastic waste where possible, including the use of filter water in lieu of bottled water.

  • Products are provided in recycled paper

  • We make use of biodegradable cleaning products

  • negative effects of heavy deadlines and stress  - sustainability is not the exclusive preserve of the environment we owe it to ourselves to be as healthy and happy as possible - it reduces the strain on our health system and allows us to be the best we can be - it may be the socially responsible thing to do but we do it for ourselves.

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