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Recent Shoots

White Kitchen

The real estate market is hopping at the moment (March 2020) a shot I took of a house on St Margarets Bay, during a snow squall.

Commercial Photography

Not the greatest time to do commercial photographs but when your client needs a shot now they need a shot now.


Mexican navies tall ship Cuauhtémoc in Halifax Harbour - which year? Well that escapes me.


It is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house but its functionality is unquestioned. Photographing smalls spaces with mirrors and shiny surface is always great fun if you can get it right.

Elephant in Lower Sabie

Elephant, Lower Sabie. Taken at Kruger National Park - Feb, 2019.

Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle on a dead leadwood tree. Taken on a trip to Kruger National Park Feb - 2019

Right of way.

Elephant, Lower Sabie. Taken at Kruger National Park - Feb, 2019.

White Headed Vulture

White Headed Vulture on a dead leadwood tree. Taken on a trip to Kruger National Park Feb - 2019

Funky furnishings

MLS shoot of a "pickers" house. I am not sure whether the furniture overshadowed or complimented the house to such a degree that it was difficult to imagine the space without the furniture. Having said that the little finds like this one at the base of a steep set of stairs were fantastic.

Bradford House, Parks of West Bedfor

Evening frontal shot of a new house in the Parks of West Bedford. Client: Amara Dev.

Family shoot

You never know what is going to happen at a family shoot where there has been no previous contact - a few minutes into the shoot the dog whose name translates to "Bear" decided he wanted in on the action, I thought he was pretty photogenic if slightly self centered.

Sandwick evening shoot

Evening shoot of a Passive design house

Western Parkway, Bedford

Early evening shoot for a client on Western Parkway. Tenants include the IBM Innovation Center although I appear to be the only one working :-)

Close proximity

"St. Gebriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church"

B&W Challenge Day 2

Kruger Park, South Africa. The sign says it all.

Vervet monkey, South Africa

Didn't feed them, but did photograph them

Dr Chris Burns

Dr Chris Burns, CEO of Novonix. Nova Scotia has some very interesting cutting edge firms that most of us have never heard of.

Neal Bearings - Vinny Banh

Product shoot for advertising on The online retail giant has set guidelines for product photographs. These are Vinnie Banh signature bearings from Neal Bearings. Vinnie lives a minimalist existence but follows his dream. The link below is to Vinnie's Instagram.


Took a couple of headshots of Andrew today he was a very easy subject.

Alisha Boyd - Roinn Sconce

Luxi Studioworks - Roinn Sconce.

Luxi Studio Works

Custom lighting shoot with Luxi Studioworks. We had the opportunity to use a beautiful private residence in Halifax for the day, fun day had by all.

Tim Hoare

A headshot of my mate Tim Hoare - he did not pick this one but I like it.

Product Photography

Focus stacked image of an old sentimental watch.

Northumberland Strait

Dingy on the Northumberland Strait, all these images were taken while on a visit to Malagash, Nova Scotia.

Blue Sea Beach

Blue Sea Beach is a 1.4 km long beach located in Malagash, on the Northumberland Strait. The water is superb for swimming in Summer.

Northumberland Strait

Dingy on the Northumberland Strait

Blue Sea Beach

Blue Sea Beach is a 1.4 km long beach located in Malagash, on the Northumberland Strait. The water is superb for swimming in Summer.


Jewellery Photography

Kearney Lake Plaza

Kearney Lake Plaza - 2 December 2017

Well worn


220 Dockside

220 Waterfront Drive, Bedford - part of a series of the building exterior.

Waterfront Drive

220 Waterfront Drive, Bedford - part of a series of the building exterior.

Dockside - Bedford

220 Waterfront Drive, Bedford - part of a series of the building exterior.

Dockside - Bedford

220 Waterfront Drive, Bedford - part of a series of the building exterior.


A range of local craft beer grunters, growlers and glasses at

F. H. Sexton Memorial Gymnasium

The gymnasium building of the former Nova Scotia Technical College/Technical University of Nova Scotia. Opened in 1963 the building was Designed by architect Andris Kundzins of the firm Duffus, Romans & Single, Architects & Engineers of Halifax, NS and built by Annapolis Valley Construction.

F. H. Sexton Memorial Gymnasium
F. H. Sexton Memorial Gymnasium
Halifax Skyline

Halifax skyline from Dartmouth

B&W Challenge Day 1

Peggies Cove, Nova Scotia


White Rhino, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

SA south coast - Amanzimtoti

Amanzimtoti beach on the KwaZulu Coast of South Africa (Amanzimtoti means "Sweet Waters" in Zulu) - the Indian Ocean water is warm and the beach is popular with holiday makers from the inland provinces.

Boutiliers Cove, Nova Scotia

A boat house sits snug against the slope of Boutiliers Cove, Nova Scotia

Chester Real Estate

Cannot believe it is late November - these trees in Chester still have their leaves, This garage is part of a property I photographed for an estate. I love the overall look and I covert the doors, was thinking they would look good at my house.

Chantelle Portrait

Business Headshot

Chantelle Portrait

Chantelle is a very personable post doc student. She also has great friends who paid for her headshots as a graduation present - she didn't pick this one but I like it.

Dr Geoff Crinean

I had a headshot session with Geoff I am sure he is a multidimensional guy, but I don't know him that well, what I do know is that he has a fantastic sense of humour.

The Taylor men

The Taylor men at Crystal Crescent Beach

Renovated House - Halifax South-end
Renovated House - Halifax South-end

Loved the renovation on this old Halifax South-End house, they opened up the rooms making them lights and airy.

Lighthouse Motel

Lighthouse Motel in Bridgewater, located on the La Have River, it's a great location to explore the surrounding area.

Passive Design Experts

Mike and Willem from Passive Design Solutions are part of a very dynamic and fun team under the leadership of Natalie Leonard.

Real Estate Book - August 2017
Real Estate Magazine Cover

This image was chosen for the cover of the Real Estate Magazine, they did a good job on the final image which comes out August 2017; I liked the next image.

My choice for cover

Drone shot out at Seabright, Nova Scotia - I preferred this image over the previous one but they wanted to show the different levels.

Evening Drone - Seabright

Evening drone shot at a Seabright property - first time I have tried this - interesting trying to control the exposure but live and learn.

Blanford Rd, Nova Scotia

Sunday Drive along the lighthouse route - this is a scene on Blandford Rd, Nova scotia - the day was windless but a bit misty.


Shot a bachelors place this week, I thought he did a pretty good job of decorating.


Sometimes you just have a great session where everything works - this was one of those days.

Julia in Kejimkujik

Early morning shoot with Julia in Keji National Park

Dinner and Design

Some good simple staging by Dinner and Design at this cute little house.

House in Westwood

Difficult shoot in really low light conditions, its hard to bring enough light to a double volume space, it is always a fine balance between providing enough light and ensuring that the indoor lights are not overblown, especially when there is a view from the windows.

Historic Properties

Armour Group - Historic Properties - photographed this space in Historic Properties last week - 6000 plus square feet.

In-House Council

Formidable award winning lawyer, definitely someone I would want on my side of the table.

Kingswood - Real Estate

it is amazing what a good interior designer can do to streamline the look and feel of a space.

Little touches

Sometimes less is more - less stuff more room.

Neals Bearings

Neals Bearings: Images taken for Amazon has a number of image specifications that need to be adhered to.

10 Million Dollar House

Beautiful house on the Halifax Arm.

10 Million Dollar House

Halifax Real Estate Photographer

Burchells Zebra

Baby Burchells Zebra staying close to mommy.

Going Walkabout

Bull elephant taking a stroll: the road is the easiest way of getting from A to B - he made us back up for 3 kilometers before heading off to greener pastures.

Male Waterbuck Fighting

Two male Waterbuck doing some friendly sparring in a dry river bed, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Staging: Dinner and Design

Evening shoot at a house in Portland Hills over sundown and blue hour. Blue hour is the period just before sunrise or just after sunset when the suns position ensures that the light is diffracted and we get to see the blue.

Blue Hour

Evening shoot - Halifax real estate photography

Nova Scotia Ocean Playground

A few images of Peggy`s Cove and Halifax Waterfront, Nova Scotia


Jaden is an awesome dancer and all round good guy perhaps you have seen him on a billboard or two advertising MicMac Mall.

Gaspésie National Park

Last of the combatants.

Janine on the rocks

Janine on the rocks at Peggies Cove - although it looks like she is at the waters edge it is an illusion thanks to a long lens compressing the distance.

Peggies Point Lighthouse

Nova Scotia's number one tourist attraction on a calm day and super low tide.


Waterbuck near Lower Sabie, Kruger National Park, South Africa.


Who doesn't like Disney. The evening parade was a kaleidoscope of fantastical machines and characters.

282 Purcell Cove Road

Beautiful house on the Halifax Arm. Twilight shot taken in January 2017. Twilight shots are always a matter of timing and taste - I am not fond of the artificial lights showing warm on the stone.

282 Purcell Cove Road
Alisha Boyd Lighting

Luxi Studio designed lights, similar lights were recently commissioned for Halifax City Hall.


Tara is an instructor at Goodlife - I have a lot of admiration for her dedication to a healthy lifestyle something most of us - myself included could do a little more to emulate.


I love photographing Linell; a musician, teacher and all round awesome person she brings a quirky sense of humour and great bone structure to any photo session.

Shelbey Dodds Jewelry

Jewelry from designer Shelbey Dodds, shooting these products which reflect light everywhere is always an interesting exercise.

Dinner & Design- Raymond Pattingale

Interior design / staging photo shoot for Dinner & Design. This shoot took place at 1pm - the low light conditions really highlighted the condo lighting.

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