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Drone Photography 




Elemental photography drone pilots carry a valid drone pilot certificate and  fly drones that are marked and registered with Transport Canada. We comply with the terms and conditions set out in Part IX of the Canadian Aviation Regulations as well as abide by local ordinances.  Our drones have been approved for advanced operations.


Aerial stills provide a different perspective to a property and add an exciting element to real estate marketing.

Practically the perspective provided by aerial stills and video provide context, illustrating how a property is embedded in the topography and neighborhood


Our real estate aerial photography and video quickly illustrate factors such as:

  • Proximity to water

  • Amenities

  • distance to various objects - neighbors etc.

  • Major transport

  • The general feel of an area (industrial, mixed-use, agricultural, building densities, vegetation, topography etc)

  • Privacy

  • Parks

  • Capture perfect ground sweeping real estate aerial photography and highlighted views from all angles

  • Add music 

  • Include your business's logo, graphics and text

Elemental photography makes use of the latest DJI drones with 4K capability to ensure high-quality raw images.


Commercial Real Estate

We leverage the industry’s most powerful aerial photo and video technology to meet the commercial real estate needs of our clients.

The area surrounding a commercial property is important to gain a well-rounded understanding of any commercial space.

Ultra HD photos and videos from a drone provide a cost-effective way to capture this data.

  • Capture factors such as proximity to major roadways, transport, water, amenities, parks, privacy.

  • Create professional videos of your commercial real estate to showcase to clients in a dynamic and visually stimulating format.

  • Capture actual line of sight views from windows and balcony yet to be developed.

Hospitality - Hotels, Inns B&B, cabins

If you want to promote your tourist attraction or travel destination, Elemental Photography can help to show a natural environment or the interior of any building using stills, video and 360s.

  • Easily integrate our aerial photos or video into your current or future travel marketing projects.

  • Aid your marketing by providing prospective clients with stunning footage of your travel destination and activities.





Call Jarrell to discuss your aerial photography needs at 1(902) 430-5478 or e-Mail- Jarrell


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