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Water, water everywhere

but not a drop to drink

Play times over

Dinghy on the Northumberland Strait, Nova Scotia


Public sea pool at Amamzintoti, South Africa

The little boathouse

Boathouse on Boutilliers Cove, Nova Scotia


Seagulls on a stormy sky, Peggy's Point Lighthouse

Lobster Traps

Aerial view of lobster traps and a Cape Islander lobster boat

super Low tide at Peggys

Super low tide at Peggys Point Lighthouse (do not try this shot it is dangerous)

PEI National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park

Setting moon - Peggys
A quick Ride

One of a number of ferries in service which travel between Halifax and Dartmouth


The oldHalifax waterfront is disappearing fast, this was taken in 2012.

Fun in the sun

Fun on a hot day near McNabs Island

Peggys Point Lighthouse
Fading memory

Early morning shot on the old Halifax Boardwalk

The visitor

Early morning shot on the old Halifax Boardwalk

Lonely sea

The oceans are a big place I love the isolation and seemingly endless nature of the ocean


Nothing like an indoor pool at home to swim all year round.

Boats on the River

Fredericton - St Johns River

Seiner at Port
Cape islander
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