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About Jarrell: lead photographer - Elemental Photography

Thank you for having a look at my "About" page.    I am Jarrell;  a Canadian-born, South African-raised commercial photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  I established Elemental Photography in 2011.

As a commercial photographer, I primarily capture imagery with a business focus.    My work concentrates on various aspects of the built environment from structures and infrastructure to the processes that make them tick and the businesses that inhabit them.  The list of applications and uses is quite wide as numerous actors inhabit this space; from simply capturing (a location, person, process, or product) for marketing purposes, to creating portfolio images for architects and builders or documenting development projects.  I like imagery to have purpose and value, not just from an aesthetic perspective but from a business and personal perspective; as such I work with clients to help craft images and visual media that provide solutions to business needs.   

Architecturally I like clean lines and a feeling of light, warmth, and individuality, where the landscape and building complement each other; I like functional spaces that make you feel comfortable like big old farm kitchens with the smell of bread wafting through the air, these sights and smells are woven into my background (they make me feel warm and fuzzy). Good visual media invoke feelings, they can make you think, they can make you feel, and as a result, they are effective in making connections with an audience, that is my goal.  Paradoxically when it comes to photographing people I am drawn to darker images, small colour pops, and negative space.

  I have a serious work ethic, a British sense of humor, and deliver high-quality work on time and on budget at a surprisingly economical rate.  I am primarily utilized by clients in Canada, although I have worked internationally.  My clients have won numerous awards – their triumphs are their own, I have done a good job in documenting and interpreting their work and that gives me joy.​  I am always looking for new projects - give me a call on 1(902)430-5478


Meet The Team

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