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Family and Lifestyle Photography

Family and Lifestyle Photography​

Life happens to us all the time some good some bad, its ever changing and we never get those feelings back, they are unique and fleeting, to be savored in the moment.  Family and lifestyle photography are our keepsakes of important events, our visual connection to loved ones and events that shaped our lives, made us happy and trigger memories , they enrich our stories and give substance to events, we are poorer without them.  As I write this intro I have a picture of my grandfather and grandmother on my desk, they live firmly in my memories but ever morning when I see this photo it makes me smile and thank god for giving me the people that have helped shape my life.   The bottom line is take photographs - take video - whether it is on your cell phone or through a session with a professional photography you kids will not thank you now but they will.


•    $200+HST per person (group rates may apply please ask).
•    60 - 90 minute session at a location of choice 
•    Headshot photos taken in an environment(s) of choice,  unlimited outfits within time period.
•    On-line gallery of proofs supplied for easy selection, your favorite 2 x photos are finished and delivered digitally in various       sizes; Hi-Res for print, web, Linkedin and Facebook.
•    Additional photographs available at $20 per photo.
•    Give Jarrell a call to book a session at (902) 430-5478 or E-Mail - Jarrell


Client Specified Sessions


•    You have your own idea of what you want and it is not covered here. Let us know what you are thinking and we will give           you a quote.
•    Give Jarrell a call to book a session at (902) 430-5478 or E-Mail - Jarrell

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