Residential Real Estate Photography,

3D Matterport Models and 

Drone Pricing (JAN - MAY 2020)

Photographs are used extensively to market residential real estate both online and in the printed media.  Good photographs make properties stand out, on a busy page full of properties' your eye is naturally drawn to clear, colorful photographs - look at a page and try it for yourself.    I provide a punctual professional service with consistent quality outputs.  If you are an agent or private homeowner and you are looking for a real estate photographer give me a call at 1-902.430-5478 or e-mail me at Jarrell.  I work for a number of commercial property managers, architects, developers, designers and agents in Nova Scotia, if you need references, chances are I have a client or two that you may know.

BASIC REAL ESTATE MLS PHOTOGRAPHY PRICE LIST (Jan-May 2020)                                                     

Pricing for MLS photography is differentiated by Total Living Area (TLA).  Bigger houses cost more.

All properties are shot by an experienced professional photographer using a high-end camera and lighting equipment.

  • Small - up to 2999 sq/ft - $135 excluding HST

  • Medium - 3000 - 3999 sq/ft - $160 excluding HST

  • Large - 4000 - 4999 sq/ft - $180  excluding HST

  • Above 5000 sq/ft call for a quote (1-902-430-5478)

  • Sunset shoots (Blue Hour, 20-30 minutes just before sunset or sunrise) for externals only - These photographs give your property a soul by allowing the viewer to see into the house from the outside.  This does not suit all houses but tends to showcase those with big windows, good landscape lighting systems, pools and other entertainment areas.

    • The time differs throughout the year, timing will be discussed with client. 

    • Typically 2 - 5 photographs

    • $175 excluding HST when included with another basic MLS package. 

    • Standalone pricing $225 plus HST. 


 What you get and Conditions for a basic MLS photoshoot


  • 15 - 35 images are provided depending on the property size and features. A basic MLS shoot involves a single visit to the property at a prearranged time to take images.

  • Photographs are colour corrected and straightened on a single axis.

  • Properties typically take 90 to 120 minutes to photograph and are shot between the hours of 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Properties shot after 4pm are considered an evening shoot and will be billed accordingly.

  • For property shoots on the weekend and Public Holidays add $40  to the base package.  Please also see the **section below for processing times.

  • *Travel - first 50km are free for a first visit (we use Bayers Lake as the point of calculation after that I charge 0.87 cents per kilometer a figure made up of the 2020 CRA rate plus a portion of my general hourly rate.        

  • Two sets of files are provided to the client - one set is optimized for MLS and one set of high res files are provided for print media.

  • Photographs are delivered to clients 24 to 48 hours from the end of the shoot via Dropbox or WeTransfer.  See ** for exceptions.  Clients wishing to receive photographs within 24 hours of the shoot can do so for a rush fee of $40.


* Multiple visits to a location may be charged general travel rates. 

** Images shot on Saturdays, Sundays or public holiday weekends will be delivered within 48 hours of the end of the weekend or public Holiday.   Add $40 if you wish to receive images within this period. 

Real Estate agents should advise clients on how to prepare for photographic shoots, it is vitally important that properties are presented in the best possible way (our guide to preparing your house for a photo-shoot can be viewed HERE. Photographers may make superficial changes however the onus remains on agents and their clients to ensure properties are neat, clean and uncluttered.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Due to the nature of the industry, we understand that there are many occasions when it is necessary to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Appointments can be canceled or rescheduled up to the day before the appointment at no charge. However, there is a $50 fee for same-day cancellation and a $75 plus travel at CRA rates for on-site cancellation.  Cancellation includes photo shoots that cannot proceed due to property access constraints or properties not ready for being photographed, most answers to common questions linked to real estate shoots can be found on the FAQ for agents page.


*Please Note:  The price below is for web-based residential property sales only.  Stills and video required for other purposes will be quoted on a case by case basis, please call Jarrell at 1-902-430.5478 or send an e-mail to

**Videos are brandable.  Video pricing below refers only to the footage taken and edited by Elemental Photography, the creation of client branding and/or alteration of client branding is not included in these prices.  Branding provided by clients will be added to the videos or new templates can be quoted on and made for clients by our graphic designer.  Music provided with videos is royalty and copyright free, if clients wish for a specific tune or piece of music to be included we will provide a quote for the purchase of this music; alternatively the client may provide the music along with proof of purchase and we will add it to the video.   

General Drone rates when coupled with an MLS Photography Package  (*Please note) 


  • Aerial Photographs – $75 (5 Still Images).

  • Video - $220 (60-120 seconds of edited video). 

  • Both Video and aerial photographs $230  (* , ** Please note).

  • Drone images and video will typically be shot at the same time as the other services provided.

Drone Only (*Please Note)

  • Still Images: up to 15 Still images $150.

  • Video: 60 - 150 second Video $230

  • *, ** Both video and Still Photographs: $269  

  • Travel - first 50km are free for a first visit (we use Bayers Lake as the point of calculation after that I charge 0.87 cents per kilometer a figure made up of the 2020 CRA rate plus a portion of my general hourly rate.          


Matterport 3D Tours


Elemental Photography uses the Matterport Pro 2 camera in combination with the Matterport platform to create its 3D tours.  The result is a dynamic, immersive walk through experience which gives potential buyers the opportunity to examine the interior of the property from any angle and anywhere using their phones, tablets or computers.  


The Matterport dollhouse view is a photo-realistic 3D floor plan that provides viewers with a realistic view of spaces and the flow between them to help in the visualization process.  Measurement tools can assist users in the process, now they can see online whether that massive sofa they currently own can really fit in the lounge.


All our tours come with 2D floorplans Included in the Base Package.  Created with laser measurements from the scan the 2D floorplan generated shows all the spaces complete with measurements and dimensions.  The Matterport Pro2 claims measurement accuracy to within 1 percent.